The Author

Hi, my name is Bernie Nagle and I am the coauthor, with Perry Pascarella,  of the book, Leveraging People and Profit: The Hard Work of Soft Management. I created and defined the word and the concept, Altrupreneur ®, when I began writing Leveraging People and Profit, in 1995.  Since then, thousands have learned the habits and practices described in our book and seminars.Before I tell you about myself, I first want to pay tribute to Robert Greenleaf, the man who first wrote extensively about the habits and attitudes of servant leadership in the workplace.  Those of us who have been evangelizing that message for the last 2+ decades would have very little to write about, if not for his pioneering work.

“Then he sat down, called the Twelve, and said to them, “If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.”  – Mark 9:35

My journey to this point has been shall we say, eclectic.  I have spent the last 30+ years leading, consulting, researching, teaching, and facilitating the phenomenon known as Employee Engagement. I have held positions as VP of Operations, VP of Manufacturing, Director of Strategy, and Director of Global Process Improvement for multi-billion dollar companies both domestically and globally.  I have consulted for PriceWaterhouse, and I have served as VP of Childrens Services for Catholic Charities. I have been a small business owner and therefore an employer, and I understand the distinct challenges that come with that title.  I have also invested hundreds of volunteer consulting hours with non-profit social service agencies, helping them clarify their service proposition and make their efforts more productive.

“The fruit of Service is Peace”       – Mother Teresa

It has been my experience that followership derives not so much from the ability of an Alpha Individual to impress, inspire, motivate, or dominate…as from an ability to create a sense of mutual care and concern, and a tangible shared aspiration, deeply felt by both the leader and the led.  Out of that “shared aspiration” emerges the engine of positive change, fueled by the creativity and enthusiasm of an engaged workforce. I have created this website to provide access to the specific, learnable habits, practices, attitudes and organizing principles, which aspiring leaders (Altrupreneurs ®) must learn and internalize, in order to inspire a culture of enthusiastic engagement, the “virtually free” source of competitive advantage. Please join me on the journey. I am most interested in hearing your thoughts or learning about your experiences as an Altrupreneur.  If you care to share them, please email me at: or Follow on Twitter:  @Altrupreneur Bernie’s Linkedin profile: Bernie on Linkedin Or visit our Linkedin Group at  Altrupreneurs Creating Enthusiastic Engagement