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Radio“The Hard Work of Soft Management” – Interview with Olivia ParrRud, on her “Quantum Business Insights” show, Mar 7, 2014.  Check this list for Timestamp of Topics Discussed:  0:00 Philosophical Underpinnings; 8:10 4 Basic Beliefs about People; 10:45 Servant Leadership; 13:10 The Altrupreneur; 14:40 Feminine Leadership Energy; 17:35 Gifts of Spirit; 22:15 Nature or Nurture; 24:40 Role Models; 28:30 Milennials; 32:45 Competitive Advantage; 36:50 Enthusiastic Engagement; 41:56 ““By the Numbers”;  45:06 Firms of Endearment; 46:25 Conscious Capitalism

VIDEO clips of some of Bernie’s speaking engagements where he describes the leadership habits of the Altrupreneur ®, click below:

Clip: Prime Motivators of an Engaged Workforce

Clip: Where Does Employee Engagement Come From?

Clip: Fundamental Beliefs About People

Clip: Competitive Advantage…For FREE!

Clip: Change Requires Leadership!

Clip: Four Steps to Competitive Advantage

CLIP: How may I be of service to you?

CLIP: The power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness