‘Power Undies’ Make You Fly?

It pains to admit, but it took me six decades to try something other than my trusty Hanes tightie-whities.  What held me back? Maybe it was habit; maybe it was fear of freedom; or perhaps I had fallen victim to that pervasive 1960’s locker-room myth that wearing colored socks could lead to infected blisters. (you get the connection…right?)  Whatever the reason, it was not until age 62 that I purchased and actually wore non-white tighties.  No, I have not yet ventured all the way to boxers in case you’re wondering. Perhaps another decade.

But an interesting thing happened after I adopted my navy tighties. I actually felt different wearing them.  I began to notice a little more swagger in my step; my sense of presence increased; somehow I felt more fully me. This baby-step on the ‘wild side’ actually made me feel so cool and charismatic, I immediately went out and bought a 3 pack of black crew-neck T-shirts too!  For context you need to understand that white V-necks had been my undershirt of choice for six decades as well.  So you can see what a fashion statement coup this was turning into.  I now proudly flaunt my black crew-neck beneath my open-collar, pinpoint, button-down oxford and I ROCK!  Well, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I do feel pretty ‘fly’.  (if you were born pre Gen Y, you can look that one up)

So, what’s the point?

Throughout our lives we are informed, empowered and emboldened by new experiences, new knowledge and new relationships – in ways we could never conceive before the fact.  Yet our tendency is to allow fear, habit, vengeance, tradition, resentment, and stubbornness to hold us in a place of comfort and complacency.  Conscious, resonant leaders are open to “new”; they invite relationship; they welcome divergence and contradiction; they seek out the fresh, the novel, and the off-beat.  We have a choice in life, both as solitary beings and as members of community. We can spend our lives plodding on in our tightie-whities all the way to the grave, or we can step out, embrace our inner-flyness and flash a little black crew-neck.  I know what I’ll be wearing when they plant me.  Heck, maybe even powder-blue boxers!

How about you?

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